Contributed content — or what I call contributorships — represent a unique opportunity to capitalize on the need for publishers to produce more content with less financial and human resources at their disposal.  As a result, many media sites have turned to subject matter experts to produce field-tested editorial on a regular basis.

For clients, contributorships deliver unparalleled value which generally exceed the volume and value associated with traditional media relations. Specifically clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Control the timing of published content
  • Control the of length
  • Control the subject matter and topics
  • Control of frequency
  • Retain the copyright

I’ve developed relationships with some of the top business, financial and trade media on behalf of my clients.

Media outlets trust me because I provide content on behalf of experts that has journalistic integrity, audience value and is delivered on a consistent, predictable basis.

Call me to discuss a contributorship.  And the pricing is easy.  If I can’t consummate a relationship for you with an outlet that matters to you, pay nothing.  If I can, we get to collaborate together.