Other Dimensions of Forensic Accounting

When PriceWaterhouseCoopers published The Auditor’s Guide To Forensic Accounting Investigations, it became apparent that the corporate accounting scandals of 2001- 2003 had indelibly linked fraud investigations with foresnic accounting. But the truth is that foresnic accounting goes well beyond fraud detection. As a result, I was hired to help write a chapter titled Other Dimensions of Forensic Accounting. Comprehensive and lengthy, the chapter devled into the role foresnic accountants play in the following areas: construction, environmental, intellectual property, government contracting, insurance and business interruption, marital dissolution, shareholder litigation, business valuation, business combinations and cybercrime

No Man Is An Island

This article describes how so-called study groups — the aggregation of several financial planning firms into a group that relies upon and networks with each other — can give a small firm the power of a large one.

Changing Landscape of State Estate Taxes

The rise in the federal limits for estate tax exemption from the 2001 Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA) have hit many states where it hruts the most: in the pocketbook. Many are fighting back with by “de coupling” with federal es

An Affinity for Selling

This article was written for financial services sales professionals affiliated with Interbay Funding. It explores some of the basic tenants of affinity selling, why it makes sense and the value it brings to the sales equation.

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