CEO TV:  The Wave Continues

On Monday, I wrote about the wave of CEOs on TV following earnings reports and offered that keeping quiet after earnings can work too.

And then none other than Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook joins the movement by appearing on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money Monday night.

Why would he do this?  Here’s two theories.

First, they really do worry about the price of the stock at Apple, and Cook’s appearance was an effort to rally the faithful.  This seems unlikely.

More likely, it’s something like this:  Apple management believes now is the time to introduce Tim Cook as his own man.  Up until now, Cook has been perceived as Steve Jobs’ replacement.  As shareholders and customers finally, sadly realize Steve Jobs can’t be replaced, there is a natural opportunity and risk for Cook.  By trotting our Cook now, Apple is trying to manage the risk and capitalize on opportunity. read more

Telling Everyone All About It, Again

I like earnings season because of the surprises.  But sometimes, you get to see something over and over again.  In what has become a tough reporting period, CEOs are taking to broadcast outlets explaining, first hand, the shortcomings of the most recently reported results.

Notable so far this season was Sally Smith of Buffalo Wild Wings and Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn both on the tube following earnings reports.  Ms. Smith went right into the crucible, appearing on Mad Money with Jim Cramer explaining among other items, the importance of takeout, while Mr. Weiner appeared on screen to unravel sequentially flat revenues and lumpy EBITDA. read more