Don’t Pitch The Media, Join It

Pitching stories to the media delivers media exposure, without a doubt.  However, this exposure can be less than useful because there are so many variables that cannot be controlled:  The timing, the quotes, the direction the article takes, and other sources in the article, can all conspire to produce dreck, or worse, cause problems.

These uncertainties can all be overcome by becoming a contributor with a media outlet.  The good news is that, because of cost considerations, media outlets are increasingly looking for contributors.  And they should too.  After all, contributors are often the experts.  

And the benefits are manifold. All of the things that cannot be controlled in traditional media relations can be controlled in a contributor relationship, and then some.  Specifically as a contributor you control:  

  • The subject of your article
  • The timing of your article
  • The length
  • The copyright
  • The graphics

Contributorships can be arranged with the largest of media outlets and with the most narrow of trade outlets.  Whether you are trying to zero in on an audience, or gain broad-based exposure, a contributorship can help you achieve your goals.  

Below, see some of the contributorships I’ve arranged for clients.