Bullet Proof Balance Sheets

This post was based on an article I wrote for Kiplinger with my client Ken Berman of Gorilla Trades. I negotiated with Kiplinger to designate Mr. Berman as a contributor and deliver original articles to them on a regular basis.

Media Wary of AI

This story is from our February 2024 update newsletter that offers communications insights, and hopefully, some amusing diversion.

Stock Market Predictions for 2024: Tesla, Apple and Rate Cuts

This article was written with Louis Navellier, founder and chief investment officer of asset manager Navellier & Associates. It was part of a series of articles developed under an agreement with Kiplinger negotiated by me to designate Mr. Navellier as a contributor and to deliver original articles for them on a regular basis.

The Wealth of a Nation

We often hear that the United States is a wealthy nation. But how wealthy, and amid the current turmoil and self-inflicted wounds, can it remain so? Wealth In Ideas To our credit, we believe in discovery and the ability of intellectual property to generate growth in the economy. Right now, U.S. investment in research and …

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