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The Book of Business

David R. Evanson Forward: I wrote this book for students of business, and maybe students of human nature too. I … Read More

Innumeracy Hurts

Innumeracy — the numerical version of illiteracy — hurts.  It hurts more because unscrupulous parties use it to paint a … Read More

And Now, Fake Earnings

With earnings season here once again, and the term fake news ricocheting across social and traditional media, it’s not too great … Read More

Failing Fast

My friend, entrepreneur Marc Kramer has started about 20 businesses.  Some have succeeded, others have not.  Among his start-ups,  I … Read More

A Christmas Story

Just a few weeks before Christmas, I was a volunteer at a holiday party for underprivileged children.  Underprivileged isn’t my … Read More