Stock Buybacks: 6 Quality Companies Rewarding Investors

This article was written with Louis Navellier, founder and chief investment officer of asset manager Navellier & Associates. It was part of a series of articles developed under an agreement with Kiplinger negotiated by me to designate Mr. Navellier as a contributor and to deliver original articles for them on a regular basis.

Media Lessons 2022: Part I

In 2022, I sent 952 queries to the financial media. Some were highly focused and some were broad based. Some worked, some didn’t. The point is, when you send out 952 pitches to the media, you learn things.  Here’s what I learned about the financial media in 2022.  The phone is working again. Reporters started to come …

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The Most Useless Time In America

What To Do Instead of Watching The Super Bowl Halftime Show Introduction The most useless, wasted time in America is the 30 minutes which constitute the Super Bowl halftime ‘extravaganza.’ Kid Rock wearing the American flag like a poncho . . . rapper M.I.A. giving the finger wearing, of course, Egyptian head dress and fishnet …

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The Book of Business

David R. Evanson Forward: I wrote this book for students of business, and maybe students of human nature too. I say students because, for better or for worse, the people covered in these few short stories, all of them clients, taught me a lot of what I learned on both topics. It’s a gallery of …

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2020: It Was A Very Good Year?

That’s a sentence you don’t see too often.  However, if you like dividends, it was with the 500 largest public companies in the U.S. paying nearly $500 billion to their shareholders.  Any way you measure it, $500 billion is a big number.   Net of the defense budget ($616 billion), the dividends paid by the …

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Media Exposure By The Numbers

Since November 2010, I’ve sent out 12,471 queries to the media.  I know this because the software platform I use keeps track of them. That’s about 5 a day for a decade.  The learning comes not so much from what I’ve sent out, but rather from what comes back.  Based on the responses I get, …

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